Where to begin…

July 20, 2009

Yeah yeah I could go into how horrible of a blogger I really am, but honestly? What would be the point, you all are WELL aware of the fact.
However, in my defense…I have a very good reason for my recent disappearance.

I was laid off.

I certainly was as shocked as you must be. The entire ordeal completely blind-sided me, and I was left flopping like a fish out of water. As luck would have it, my boyfriend happened to have moved in three or four weeks before this happened. So T and I have the additional income. Oh, Surprise by the way. 🙂

Granted the fact this all transpired nearly a month ago, it is still hard to grasp. So, I did the smart thing…and I’m going back to school. (Already enrolled and everything!) Even though I’m not exactly sure what I want to be when I grow up.

Any suggestions that will not take 15 years to complete a degree in?

Much Love,



  1. I am so sorry about the job, but happy that you are making the best of it! As for a degree that doesn’t take forever, well, don’t listen to me… I obviously don’t know how to do that, since mine takes 8+ years, plus another, oh, 5-7 years of training after that. (Of course, hearing that might just make you feel better about whatever you choose! 😉

  2. Congrats on going back to school!

  3. I’m SO sorry but congratulations on going back to school! Get you some unemployment and relax for a while. You definitely need it and deserve it!

  4. All the more time to blog with no? You can make money blogging you know….That would be great!

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